The Center Deli Club

Thank you for joining The Center Deli Club!

We know it can be a drag having to return to classes after two glorious, all-too-short months of summer freedom. If our head chef remembers correctly, one of the chief pleasures of summer break was sleeping in until noon. Not so much when you have Pre-Calc at 8 am. Ugh. Nobody should have to do math on an empty stomach.

So we came up with a Back-to-School special to help ease the transition. Simply print the coupon below and present it at the Deli to receive $1.00 off any sandwich… including breakfast sandwiches! If you’re running late, call ahead at 929-0269 and we’ll have your Bacon Egg & Cheese (or whatever you crave at 7:55 in the morning) ready and waiting for you. Happy September!

Back-to-School Special