Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cole Slaw – Potato Salad – Macaroni Salad – 2.00
Beef and orzo Soup – 2.99 – 3.99

Lunch Specials

Roast pork reuben on a sub 5.99

Hummus & Taboule, red peppers, cucumber, & tomato on 8 grain 5.29

Chicken, red peppers, bacon, cheese, cajun mayo on a roll 6.49

Kielbasa & Kraut with mustard on a sub 5.99

Salmon, tomato, capers,red onion, cream cheese on bagel 7.49

Turkey, swiss, coleslaw, russian dressing on a sub  6.29 

Christmas Parties have already begun.  Especially during the holiday season we request that you fax your orders to us as early as possible, so that we can have timely deliveries. Thank you in advance.

 Ready to order? Call us at 203-929-0269 or print our Lunch Order Form and fax us at 203-929-7441!