Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Split Pea soup    2.99   3.99

Seared Fajita Chicken with red peppers and cheddar & sour cream in a wrap OR on a sub 5.99

Chicken Cutlet, home made fresh cranberry-orange relish with lettuce a dash of horse radish and pepperjack  on  a roll  5.99

Slow roasted Roast beef and swiss lettuce, tomato horse radish  on a roll 5.99

Spicey Blackbean burger with lettuce, cheese and salsa and side of fries 5.99

Turkey, Provalone melt tomato, red onion, dijon horse radish on rye 5.99

 Angus Cheeseburger  lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo  pickle and fries 5.99

 Jump into the pool….. As always, our superbowl pools are fun and all you need is luck.  All money goes to winners…  And of course we are happy to cater your super bowl party….. Wings,  Party Grinders, Baby back ribs, Sausage & Peppers are just some ideas.  

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