Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Today’s Tidbit: Eat a MacDaddy, sleep well, breathe deeply, move harmoniously.

Soup: Chicken Noodle 3.25

Roast beef garlic melt with Swiss, BLT on a roll 6.49

Chicken, Basil, tomato, Fresh mozzarella, oil/balsamic on a roll 6.79

Black bean burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion with cilantro sauce on a roll 4.79

Roast beef, Swiss, coleslaw, Russian dressing on a Sub 6.49

Cheeseburger, LTM & Chips 5.40

Chicken Cutlet, Golden BBQ, BLT Sub 6.49

TUNA-MAC, Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw
Rice Pudding