American Stonehenge? September 11, 2013

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TODAY’S TIDBIT: Though relatively unknown to most people, on one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia stands a huge granite monument. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the common capstone are 10 Guides, or commandments. That monument is alternately referred to as The Georgia Guidestones, or the American Stonehenge.

• Chicken Soup 3.25

• Cajun Chicken, mango salsa, lettuce in a wrap 6.79

• Chicken Cutlet, pepperjack, lettuce, tomato, pesto on a roll 6.29

• Sausage and Pepper Sub 6.49

• Chicken Salad, cranberries, walnuts, lettuce on a roll 6.49

• Pastrami, tomato, onion, Swiss, Dijon-horseradish sauce on a roll 6.29

• Grilled Chicken Gorganzola, BLT on a roll 6.79

Also available: Fruit Salad, Tuna-Mac
Bread Pudding
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