Friday, August 23, 2013

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TODAY’S TIDBIT: Use the tabs that come on bread loaves to hold your spot on a roll of tape or to label and organize power cords.

• Hummus, taboule, and cold veggies on a spinach wrap 6.29

• Seafood Salad, lettuce, bacon on a roll 6.49

• Chicken Salad, cranberries, walnuts over lettuce with fresh fruit and fat free raspberry vinaigrette dressing 7.29

• Cheeseburger LTM & Chips 5.40

• Turkey Stuffer, cranberry sauce on a roll 6.49

• MacDaddy-Burger, bacon, American cheese, Buffalo sauce, lettuce, bleu cheese and a bag of chips 6.85
• Chicken Cutlet, guacamole, black bean salsa, cheddar, lettuce in a wrap 6.79

Also available: Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad
Rice Pudding

Savor the weekend!!