Monday, October 26, 2009

Macaroni, potato salad, and cole slaw 2.00

 Cream of vegetable soup  (12 oz) 2.99   3.99    Onion Rings  2.89

 Vegetarian Chili  &  a roll with butter  4.99

Roast beef & swiss BLT, with mayo, on garlic toasted roll 5.99

Hummus, Spring Mix, Cukes,  Provalone, Red Peppers on whole grain 5.29

Chicken, hot and red peppers, cajun mayo, pepperjack cheese,  on a roll  6.49

Cheeseburger BLT bleu cheese dressing & chips 5.29

 Turkey, swiss, coleslaw, russian dressing on a sub 5.99

 Meatloaf,  BBQ sauce, onions & cheddar on a sub 5.99

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