Monday, September 23, 2013

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TODAY’S TIDBIT: Why do the salmon have to swim upstream?
The impact they have on other life is great. At maturity, they swim from the ocean to spawn upstream, then most die. But their carcasses supply significant nutrients – nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and phosphorus, transferred from the ocean to terrestrial wildlife such as bears and riparian woodlands adjacent to the rivers. This effects not only the next generation of salmon, but every species living in the riparian zones the salmon reach. The nutrients also wash downstream into estuaries where they accumulate and provide further support for estuarine breeding birds. Usually they return with uncanny precision to the river where they were born, and even to the very spawning ground of their birth.

• Italian Pasta Soup 3.25

• BBQ beef, cheese, hot peppers on a Sub 6.99

• BLT with Cajun Mayo on a roll 3.99

• Chicken, Spinach, provolone, roasted tomato with garlic-mayo on a roll 6.79

• Egg Salad BLT on a Wrap 5.79

• Chicken Cutlet, mozzarella, roasted tomato, pesto on a roll 6.49

• Hot Ham & Cheese, tomato, mayo on Rye 5.50

Also available: Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw
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