Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quinoa {keen wah} is a very healthy protein seed with a fluffy crunchy texture  and would remind you of a rice.

Macaroni, potato salad, and cole slaw 2.00  

  Chicken Tortilla soup (12 oz) 2.99   3.99   

Cheeseburger, BBq, bacon, cheese, lettuce on a sub & fries  5.99

Pork roast & sauteed spinach and cheese & garlic mayo on a roll  6.29

Chicken, roasted peppers, quinoa, pepperjack, in a wrap  with a creamy buffalo sauce 5.99

Porketta,  bacon, cheese, BBQ, lettuce honey mustard, on a roll 6.29

Turkey, swiss, lettuce, cranberry horse radish sauce,  on a roll  5.99

 Chicken salad, cranberries and walnuts, lettuce on a  roll  5.99                         


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