Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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TODAY’S TIDBIT: The only state in the United States that grows coffee beans is Hawaii.

• Fresh Basil, fresh mozzarella, red-roasted peppers, tomato, pesto on focaccia 5.79

• Chicken Cordon Bleu, lettuce, honey-mustard on a Sub 6.29

• Turkey Stuffer, cranberry sauce on a Sub 6.49

• Twice baked potato with topping 5.00

• Pastrami Reuben on a hard roll 6.29

• Chicken Cutlet, roasted tomato, mozzarella, lettuce, pesto on a roll 6.49

• Meatloaf, gravy and cheese on a roll 5.99

Also available: Macaroni Salad
Rice Pudding

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!