Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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TODAY’S TIDBIT: So here we are. An artic air mass has seeped into the country and it’s terrible cold for many of us. So how do we make the best of this situation? EXPERIMENTS!! Find a typical birthday balloon and blow it up. Place the balloon outside in the freezing air and tie it to a stationary object so it doesn’t blow away. Overtime, the balloon will contract and implode, (may take a few minutes or happen quite quickly). Take it back inside to room temperature and watch it re-inflate.

Chucky Veggie Soup//Lentil Soup 3.25

• Roast beef, roasted potato, cheddar, Cajun mayo in a Wrap 6.49

• American Combo Melt, lettuce, tomato, Dijon-horseradish on a roll 5.99

• Chicken Salad, grapes, lettuce on a roll 6.49

• Pastrami, Swiss, tomato, onion, Dijon-horseradish on Rye 6.29

• Roasted Veggie Sandwich with Pesto on a roll 5.79

• Sausage and Pepper Sub 5.99

• Also Available: Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad,
Bread Pudding, Rice Pudding

Thank you. We’re glad you’re here!!